About Us

Welcome to the exquisite world of Sankalan, a fashion house of opulent ethnic menswear envisioned by Uma Rathi. Fuelled by an unwavering passion for fashion artistry and traditional craftsmanship, Uma’s creative talent gave birth to ‘SANKALAN’, an epitome of elegance and style in the realm of ethnic menswear. 

The very essence of ‘SANKALAN’, derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘collection’, mirrors Uma’s own persona and fervent dream of curating a range of menswear that seamlessly blends comfort and sophistication. Within her ready-to-wear line, Uma offers a harmonious fusion of traditional and contemporary garments, thoughtfully curated to appeal the  discerning gentlemen of all ages. 

Drawing from a deep understanding of design, comfort, and style, SANKALAN presents a striking array of men’s attire. From resplendent men’s khurta-dhoti ensembles to impeccably tailored short and long jacket sets, Sherwanis, and stylized kurtas, each garment is a work of fine art and craftsmanship. with the charm of Indian heritage, SANKALAN elevates men’s wardrobes to new heights. 

At the heart of SANKLAN’s inception is a tale of humble origins. It all began on a small work table in New Delhi, with Uma and a single skilled tailor in 1990. Through relentless dedication and an unshakeable commitment to craftsmanship, the brand has evolved into an empire boasting a workforce of over seventy-five artisans and enthusiasts. Today, SANKALAN’s reach extends far beyond the borders of India, catering to connoisseurs of luxury fashion worldwide. 

Deeply entwined with the rich tapestry of Indian culture, SANKALAN is a celebration of life itself. Each garment adorned with intricate embroideries evokes a symphony of emotions, weaving joyfulness into the very fabric of existence. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Mughal gardens and captivating Turkish geometric patterns, the brand’s fine handwork exemplifies an exquisite mastery of refined craftsmanship.

Uma Rathi’s journey as an artist is marked by an innate connection to her roots.  Her artistry is a beautiful culmination of experiences and influences, effortlessly blending tradition with contemporary visions. 

In every stitch and pattern, Uma’s mother remains an eternal muse, infusing each creation with a timeless allure. Embodying the spirit of her heritage, Uma’s designs pay homage to the past while daringly envisioning a luminous future. Her marriage to Arun Kumar Rathi of Rathi Steels in 1976 opened doors to a world of prosperity and fulfilment, flourishing with the love of her cherished children and grandchildren. Uma’s legacy of cultivated abilities passed down to her daughter, Gaurangi, and son, Shrivtas, ensures that Uma’s visionary artistry transcends generations. 

Welcome to the House of SANKALAN, where tradition meets modernism, and every garment tells a tale of timeless elegance. We invite you to embrace the spirit of heritage and creativity as you embark on a journey of sartorial excellence with us.